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Safety Lessons

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Some subscribers have asked us for a list of lessons containing safety information for agriculture classes. We realize your needs will vary, depending on the makeup of your class and interests of your students. Here are some suggestions for safety lessons from several lesson libraries. Many more lessons (almost 1,300 in all) are available in these libraries.

Ag Engineering

Farm Buildings and Related Structures Wood Technology Woodworking Portable Power Tools Stationary Power Tools Tool Maintenance and Repair Gas Welding and Cutting Arc Welding Small Gasoline Engines Electrical Wiring Electric Motors Farm Building Materials

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Business Risk and Liability

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Applying Biotechnology

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Crop Science

Crop Technology

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Farm Management

Farm Safety

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Food Science

Beginning Food Science Food Production and Processing Food Production Safeguards

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Floral Design

Greenhouse Technology

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Large Animal Science

General Large Animal Science Large Animal Environmental Topics

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Natural Resource Systems

Natural Science Wildlife Agriculture and Environment

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Poultry Science

Poultry Production Systems

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Related Timely Topics

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